Aran Picnic Throw

■  What Better Way to Enjoy a Picnic Than Our Aran Picnic Throw 

■  This Throw Features a Waterproof Lining to protect the Throw and stopping dampness from transferring

■  The Leather Carrying Straps not only make it look exceptional but make it easy to carry  

■  Enjoy an outdoor Picnic with the memories of Ireland on this Exceptional Aran Picnic Throw

■  The Throw Measures 70 Inches Long by 44 Inches Wide

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Picnics are the best way to catch up with your friends and spend quality time with your family, while also enjoying nature. And what better way to enjoy a picnic than with our Aran Picnic Throw? While also highly functional, our throw embodies Irish heritage, being inspired by the traditional Irish craftsmanship of knitwear. The throw is made of wool blend, being very soft to touch and moisture kicking. Besides, it features a waterproof lining to protect the throw by stopping dampness from transferring. The knit design features cable stitches, a beloved traditional knit pattern that is a symbol of good fortune. This blanket measures 70 inches/178 cm in length and 40 inches/112 cm in width, being the perfect convenient size for a picnic. It comes in 3 color choices: Natural, Grey, and Army Green. Extra carrying straps, made of high quality leather, are provided for easy carrying. Our throw is a must-have piece for creating great memories, but also a lovely gift that will be cherished many years to come.