2pc Tea Towel Set Irish Blessing & Emblems of Ireland

■Set of 2 Irish tea towels, the ideal gift from Ireland
■Authentic Celtic design, featuring the shamrock, the harp, the high cross & the Claddagh ring
■Perfect for kitchen use, made of 100% quality cotton
■Each tea towel measures 29.5” / 75cm H x 19.6” / 50 cm W

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As it combines functionality with tradition and style, our Tea Towel Set Irish Blessing cannot be missed from your household! This set includes two 100% cotton tea towels, ideal to be gifted to those passionate about cooking, baking, tea or who just moved into a new home. Serving tea is a timeless trait of the Irish personality and we are sure that these towels will make an impression at every tea party. Cotton is highly absorbent, ideal for some extra help in the kitchen. They can be easily washed in the machine without worries about deterioration.

The design features four traditional emblems of Ireland, each with their own symbolism behind: the shamrock, the harp, the high cross and the Claddagh ring. The shamrock is a symbol for luck, the harp is a heraldic symbol of Ireland, the high cross represents the Christian faith and the Claddagh ring is a wedding symbol. The design was inspired by 9th century ancient Celtic manuscripts written by monks on calf skin or vellum. Celtic knots add depth and symbolism to it.